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Patreon Week In Review

Summaries of the all the readings & news this past week.


Sunday June 16 - Sunday June 23

Sunday June 16: The Japanese Tanker scandal blows up. Evidence comes out connecting Trump, Israel and Saudi Arabia are responsible for the false-flag blame-Iran operation. General Dunford announces Trump & his cabinet have left, Nancy Pelosi is the new president. Trump’s 4th of July flops; KellyAnne Conway won’t leave now, is getting a divorce.

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Thursday, June 06 - Thursday, June 13

Thursday June 12: Pompeo (falsely) claims Iran attacked a ship in the Middle East. The truth behind his claims. Sarah Sanders leaves the White House, Michael Flynn gets MAGA lawyer

This whole thing is fake. Pompeo will go down for this, as the military leaders confront him over his lies; they likely have evidence of "coordination" between the Trump admin, Saudi Arabia and Israel. The corrupt administration is desperate for $$$ that they are counting on to come if the Saudi Nuclear Deal comes through. Iran will be the adult in the room and do nothing after all these provocations. There will be no war. Consequences to Saudi Arabia, MBS, Pompeo, Bolton, Trump and Jared Kushner. Sarah Sanders may have come across some more evidence, she knows the ship is sinking so she wants to get out ASAP. Nope she will not become the Arkansas Governor. Link to Patreon Post:

Wednesday, June 12: Thomas B. Hofeller warns Wilbur Ross; Barr & Co Losing the Census 2020 case, Counter-Intel Investigations into Trump & election are ongoing; Chinese Spy case

Thomas B. Hofeller, the deceased Republican operative involved in gerrymandering and the Census 2020  is here again in spirit and has informationzzz …he is still in the "waiting" stages, like an earth-bound spirit … he REALLY wants me to contact Wilbur and tell him to repent and warn him that things won't work out for Wilbur and that The Creator has an appointment to him soon. 

Barr & Co are not winning right now and they are having a hard time dealing with the chaos, they are not actually succeeding in preventing the truth from coming out. Barr & Trump Administration are likely to lose this case in the Supreme Court.

Heads of the House Intel and Senate Intel committees were not told the results of the counterintelligence investigation into Trump and his campaign, because the GOP is under investigation. And there are ongoing investigations into Trump's kids as well.

The Chinese Spy caught at Mar-A-Lago is likely to be lower level and will eventually lead to financial information that may show who is financing her. Cindy Yang provided access but doesn't seem to be connected to her otherwise. LINK TO PATREON POST:

Monday, June 10: TX and GA governors in trouble; Stacey Abrams may finally become GA Governor; Reince Priebus at Navy; Standstill continues.

Today the most important news are that both Texas' and Georgia's governors are under investigation and will likely leave by the Fall. Beto will be declared winner but will chose to run for President instead. Stacey Abrams will accept her role as governor, once Kemp leaves and that may take a while. I saw October but take it with a grain of salt. Ted Cruz is going down, he's involved with Cambridge Analytica and this is one of Mueller's old investigations.

Reince Priebus got a job as a Human Resources person at the Navy to find out dirt about people in the Navy and pass it on to Trump. He won't succeed for several reasons.

Also, we discussed the standstill we're in and it's likely to last for a few more weeks. The truth is, Trump is over, everyone knows it and Repubs, armed only with Propaganda, cannot prevent the daily crimes of Trump, over a lifetime, from being prosecuted. Everything will fall apart in the end. Link to Patreon Post:

Sunday June 09: Rosie's Tour(s): The Flying Tiger store & West Village, Stonewall Park

Friday June 07: Two main revelationzzzz: Ron DeSantis administration in turmoil, he may be going down because of election hacking/fraud. The Military is rattled by the Russian attacks which Trump denies it’s happening to protect Putin. This is the event I saw that triggers Trump’s removal/resignation.

Also: The Census 2020 Citizenship Question and the Supreme Court. It's not going to pass because Thomas Hofeller's daughter found this information that told of the Repub plans, after he had passed away, and gave it on to the progressive group suing the government. I heard from Thomas Hofeller himself who said WIlbur Ross is going to the other side soon and he said this won't work.

And…Schiff hearings in the House and news in the Roger Stone case means Roger will go to prison and will likely die in prison of natural causes.

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Thursday, June 06: IMPORTANT READING!!!

What we have been thinking of as a Russian operation, in reality is a much broader operation involving several countries and most importantly, financed by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, with the assistance of Israel and Russia.

Long discussion about Michael Flynn and the importance of the Saudi Nuclear Deal. I had the realization that today's Saudi Nuclear Deal is the same nuclear deal that Flynn had been working on before and while he was working for the Trump administration. Correspondence found in an article from 2017 describes the new world order they wanted to create ( article: the email I reference: ) that is made up of an alliance of Russia-Israel-Saudi Arabia-UAE. Specifically for this deal they speak of how the Middle East would finance the whole thing. 

THIS is why George Nader is such an important character and why so many have been so nervous since his arrest. He is the guy who brought the cash from the Middle East into the pockets of lobbyists, politicians and the GOP and the Bush administration.