Patreon Week-in-Review, May 29 - June 05, 2019

Guys I wanted to send you the summaries of the last readings below.

Every reading now has time stamps so you can skip to the topic that you are interested in if you have missed something. Time stamps are located both on the Patreon Page and on the YouTube video link posted on Patreon.

• Tuesday, June 04 (For YouTube) Summary of the George Nader & Elaine Chao reading re: drug trafficking posted directly on YouTube.

▸ Monday June 03, George Nader Arrested for Child Pornography; This arrest will exposed the UAE connection to USA politicians going back to the Bush presidency; Elaine Chao is under investigation by the DEA & ATF for drug trafficking; Ricky Snyder & the Flynn water crisis; Maria Butina might be going into a Witness Protection program?!! Patreon Post Link:

▸ Sunday June 02: Trump is a joke in the UK; bombshells dropping throughout the week; Emmet Flood's decision to rat out Trump and attorney/client privilege; Why Facebook loves Trump and how it might be stopped prior to the 2020 elections; Giuliani's threats to Mueller; Turtle fails to get a new Justice in 2020 Patreon Post Link:

▸ Friday, May 31. The biggest bombshell: Trump has received $ from Cindy Yang and human trafficking via Mar-A-Lago, it will become public. Netanyahu to leave after new elections, Flynn's transcripts related to Russia not released because of Barr interference, How to deal with the news and advice on figuring out what is true and what is false; Saudi Arabia Arms sales ARE under investigation, just not publicly; When Trump leaves money laundering measures will be put into place to prevent what just happened with his election and the degreee of foreign influence and foreign $; Bannon will face a downfall in Europe; Patreon post link:

▸ Thursday, May 30. Why Mueller doesn't want to testify in public: to protect ongoing FBI investigations that are VERY serious; Everyone is waiting for the financial documents that will reveal who Trump is once for all. Mueller sees what is going on from a much deeper lens and sees the Russian mob and foreign influence as the main targets, not just Trump, because if Trump leaves and this "system" continues to exist, nothing will change. John McCain knew EVERYTHING he has even seen the Pee-Pee tapezzz and grainy images of a naked Trump with his tiny peen. Also, not much will happen to the people defying subpoenas right on. Only AFTER Trump is truly crumbling and it's clear there is no way out for his presidency, will they make the choice to testify. Patreon post link:

▸ Wednesday, May 29. Mueller's speech and its aftermath. Nancy and the Dems leaning further towards an impeachment PATH as opposed to an impeachment vote. They will go on harder into Trump's finances and that is his downfall. Trump's puppets are likely to find themselves in difficult situations going forward as the ship sinks. However, spirit warns, not to expect anything swift. It's a slow game happening behind the scenes.  

Indeed, Trump's kids will eventually face their downfall, Ivanka is ratting out her brothers to save her skin, but the illusion they are protected will fall apart once Trump is out of the picture. 

Towards the end of the reading I confirmed what we already know, that trump may still be removed by the Military as the pressure increases, and he turns to Putin for "help" and it backfires. Patreon Post link:

Rosie PI