Rosie Psychic Investigator



On this page, you can find out more about my personal readings, and book your reading directly on my calendar.


  1. Select your reading format.

There are two reading formats to choose from:

PHONE/LIVE STREAM, where I call you and we speak  at a scheduled time slot.

With the phone/live stream option you can watch the reading as a live stream as long as you download the application prior to the reading.

With OFFLINE VIDEO, I do a video after you send me your questions in writing. With the offline option, we never speak on the phone.

30 vs 60 MINUTES You have the option of choosing 60 or 30 minutes in both categories.

The 30-min option is best if you have one specific question or area of your life you’d like to look at. If you have more than one question, I suggest 60 minutes.


60 MINUTES: $140

30 MINUTES: $80

2. Make your appointment directly on the calendar below.

  1. Click on the appointment type

  2. Once you click on the appointment type, you will see the available time slots.

  3. Click on available time slot, then press the button “continue” to add your contact information.

  4. Click on “Pay Now” to add your payment information. Once the payment is processed you will receive an automatic appointment confirmation.