The Healing path: What America will be like on December 2019 and 2020

Visions of the future tend to be part of what I do for my videos on politics, but I also look into the future further out for healing purposes. I work with Catherine*, a client & “patient”, on a weekly basis as a medical medium/healer, incorporating readings as part of the process.

In early April, we were looking at the work we are doing now, and how it will progress, into the future. Looking forward, I chose to look into what America will be like and in December 2019, and December 2020, and how our roles will change in the future context.

[ UPDATE, not included in the email, here’s the context: in the process of doing healing work for Catherine* I have learnt a lot about my healing method and process. One of the things that has come up is that Catherine* and I may work together in the future to bring this work to a wider audience. Catherine is not her real name, it’s an alias to protect her privacy. This is what I meant by “the work we are doing now and in the future”, the work that she and I may embark on. ]

We are living through times of great instability, cruelty and amorality. During moments like these, looking forward can be a comforting and stabilizing exercise. These are the darkest of times, and darkness will not and does not last forever.

Once Trump leaves we will likely see a lot of grief, which will then transition into a more empathetic era where community will have a line into government, when the concerns of citizens will be taken seriously and will directly influence future laws and policy.

Below are the selected notes from the session.

(1) December 20, 2019 [ Grief ]

-How will America be different from today?

I saw a lot of pain. The first image I saw was of myself washing very dirty laundry and how hard it was to wash it. The more you washed it, the more you found dirt. It was a like a never-ending Pandora’s box of dirt. The feeling was that there was a lot of pain in the American public as it grappled with the revelations and the crimes that happened under the Trump administration.

People like us knew this was happening, but to many people out there, especially those who supported Trump, this is a great shock. They feel great anger because they were conned and they also felt embarrassment and shame.

When I mentioned this to Catherine*, she said, yes, I saw them, they were very very angry and they had tar on their clothes. It was as if they wanted to cleanse themselves of this tar substance but couldn’t.

Then I got this message, they CAN cleanse themselves of this sticky substance only if they look back, as one does on the other side, and see how their actions may have hurt others and hurt themselves. 

This is the moment when people will have to face the very thing that the existence of trump prevented them from doing: face the painful realities they wanted to avoid. They come to realize that Trump was like a drug to them, it allowed them to feel good artificially by thoroughly skipping their pain and learning to point fingers at others.

This will be the moment when American society will have to grapple with the dark side that enabled the Trump presidency and its gaslighting propaganda.

-How does our relationship with people who are pro-trump change?

This was an interesting answer in light of my connection with Catherine*, and how Catherine* lives in Georgia, a state where there are MANY Trump supporters.  Because I am in New York, interactions will others will not change much because it’s a very anti-Trump and liberal state. At this moment, it made perfect sense why Catherine* likely HAD to be in Georgia. Because she will have a very hands-on role in offering these workshops to Trump supporters

(2) December 20, 2020 [Rebirth]

[December 20, 2020]

What is the first thing you noticed?

This is not a question that was on the original list of questions. Looking back, it’s obvious that both readings, 2019 and 2020, start with a simple and clear image that acts as the background to the entire reading.

In this case, it was a field of flowers, small flowers that looked like tiny daisy flowers. Then I saw the image of seeds being planted. It is the time of a new start, the time for planting new seeds.

This second reading was much shorter; it was as if the context had already been established on the December 2019 reading.

[December 20, 2020]

How does our relationship with people who are pro-trump change?

This was probably the most interesting part of the reading. It showed many people as (former) Trump supporters who have “learnt the lesson” and after repenting and understanding why they were enamored of Trump’s ideas and racism, embrace collaboration and unity. 

I saw them writing little notes of appreciation for others, which looked a little strange, but makes sense when looking at the greater picture.  I guess what made the image strange was that the current trump supporters in the future looked a little bit like hippies. 

They seemed peaceful, trusting and welcoming, which is the opposite of how I see them today.  In retrospect, the image of flowers does remind me of the term “flower children”, which refers to young people in the late 60s. 

[December 20, 2020]

-What does spirit want from us, then. what is asked of us, then?

Spirit wants us to act as shepherds, directing those  who are planting the seeds for the new era. I saw us shepherding the former Trump supporters, and seeing that they plant the new seeds.

[December 20, 2020]

-How will America be different from today?

America will be a more empathetic place where people will be more connected to one-another in real life (as opposed to online). There will be greater care for the well-being of others. And as I write this, I get this additional image of people talking and a woman saying, as if far down in the future:

“We needed to strengthen communities and create greater opportunities for civic connections because our values and the country itself had been attacked from the inside, intellectually”. 

This insight I am getting at this very moment, tells me history will recognize this moment as one of '“shadow warfare”. Attacks on the population through coordinated hate speech and fear mongering propaganda will be eventually recognized as a descent into warfare-like techniques.

Anyway, this came up just now and refers to a future further down the line. But going back to 2020, it looks like there will be a more communal society, where grassroots energy and ideas will be in direct connection to the government. It showed something like a telephone (to mean a direct line of communication ) from “the people”, into the government. 

This vision was followed by another that showed the current situation, where a tiny number of people have a direct line of communication into the White House.

[December 20, 2020]

-How our day-to-day lives be like the, what will be our concerns?

At this point, we will have a more tranquil existence. There was an understanding that there may be less opulence in general, but the population seems to be happier and more content with the knowledge that they are now part of the movement to build a more caring and empathetic America.

So our concerns will then be about having a stable system in place. So that the new era may grow to be healthy, stable and lasting.

Rosie PI