The time of Reckoning is coming

A Conversation with "Ken"

On the left, a fuzzy image of a spirit pointing to a book that looked like a page of scripture. Then I heard the words “Revelation, 32” which I then searched and found that it very fitting with the vision I saw on this reading and the moment we are living right now.

On the left, a fuzzy image of a spirit pointing to a book that looked like a page of scripture. Then I heard the words “Revelation, 32” which I then searched and found that it very fitting with the vision I saw on this reading and the moment we are living right now.

This is a story I heard just yesterday, when I was doing offline readings for Beatrice* (not using her real name for privacy reasons).

Beatrice is going through significant changes in her life and she asked me to reach out to her father “Ken” who passed away, for any guidance about her personal life and about the political life.

I did separate videos for the personal and political part of her question and once I was done, I asked Beatrice if I could share the story (as the transcription of the recording below.)

The Political Future

So “Ken”, what do you see for the future politically?

He's like, Okay, he's he's just like….It's terrible. I mean, what can I say? It's absolutely terrible. But you know what? I can say I'm not I can't say I'm surprised. I know this, these strains of evil have existed in this country for centuries. And I know I have even worked with people who are secretly like that. But now what happens is that this that see the bacteria, or the illness now became public. 

The dark underbelly has come to the surface

It existed underneath, but now, it felt like is emboldened to come out. So now we're seeing what had not been visible before. Just the way an infection needs to be seen or to cause pain in order for it to be medicated and healed.

So I understand it's very stressful for you with all this. To not know what's going to happen in the future and to feel like you want to make all these changes and you can't make plans.  You don't know, you have no idea what's going to happen. It looks like the world is really you know, it's just going downhill.

Humanity's Transition

Don't worry, and well of course you worry. But this is part of we're all part of something so much bigger and this is part of humanity's transition. And it's a transition where in order for us to get to the next level we have to face these things  that are very painful. 

And this is the role of the Trump administration: to bring up the worst in humanity and the worst in the US history so that we can face it because for too long nobody wanted to face it, and we kind of dealt with it by putting it aside and creating exceptions.

Today's children will work to ensure this does not happen again.

So there's going to be a lot of. Reckoning and people who … who have they have to admit (what they did to allow it to happen) sort of like what happened in Germany after the Second World War. 

This will impact lot of the children who are growing up and coming of age, because they've seen how their parents were impacted by this and how there was so much chaos. So many of them are going to try to do something to change the country for the better, to create positive changes.

So that their parents and people they care about don't go through the same things again. Because right now, of course, it is awful to live through it. 

So it's almost as if the big tragedy is going to happen afterwards when we're going to finally face these people and the truth will be allowed to come out. So this is the thing that I want to tell you. 

We're all drops of water in the same ocean

This is a shift that we were all in this ocean together and we all have to feel feel this site sees make shifts, okay? But it's almost going to be worse when he leaves.

Because then we'll finally see all the things that are not being made public. This is why there is so much information everyday, so much distraction. There's so much tragedy, so much distraction happening every single day. 

Now we're going to have to deal with it. This is going to be a serious problem.

So what happens is that ( we will finally realize ) we are all part of something bigger, even though we live everyday with a sense of separation. Obviously we all are different people. But more and more, you're going to start feeling a sense of connection, interconnection, the reality that we're all connected.

We're getting into a situation where everybody's together and everybody feels the pain of the other, even when they didn't want to feel it because that's the heavenly reality. And humanity's reality will be a bit closer to heaven's reality.

Trump Leaves, the Time of Reckoning

So, okay, so then in terms of Trump, he is going to leave. He was he was that was true August or there's something that he's walking away. He's walking away. There's a lot of police. There's a lot of military there's a commotion and he's leaving, walking away with his head down, hiding.

I'm, to be honest, I'm glad I'm not there. 

But there's there's going to be a lot of good once this is dealt with. And the sense of unity; people examining what their values really are, what do they really care about.

And a lot of people are going to come to the conclusion that even though they have these values, good people, good people like you assume that the world is a bad place, or the world was not for you.

The role people like us will play

And now what's going to happen is that people like you are going to have more of a central role role in the sense that you're going to have help people to awaken

You're going to realize that if you for example, if you feel like education is the most important thing, then you have to make sure people will work to make it happen because in the past we got accustomed to this idea that "Oh, the world is made for you know, I don't know corporations or the Kochs or whoever"

And now, every single person on the street is going to have a say.  Something we were almost brainwashed into believing was beyond the realm of possible. We used to think these things didn't matter, but they do

It's almost as if, for example, imagine if you were going through a tough hike or,  you know, if you were going through some sort of military training, it's very hard to do that. But you survive it in the end. But once you go through it, you'll be much stronger.

The other side and the "Light People" welcome the new arrivals and tell them what's happening to humanity right now

These are some watercolor sketches of what I saw of the '“Light People” on the other side telling the new arrivals what is happening to humanity, why there are so many people suffering. The most developed among the “Light People” are speaking from the top of mountains and all the spirits are listening.

These are some watercolor sketches of what I saw of the '“Light People” on the other side telling the new arrivals what is happening to humanity, why there are so many people suffering. The most developed among the “Light People” are speaking from the top of mountains and all the spirits are listening.

The world on the other side is little bit similar to ours, except that people are more like light, you know, they're not made of flesh, but they're more like more light.

I saw a scene that reminds me of a concert, a public concert.

There are very developed spirits telling the new people … because the new people are seeing so many of their relatives suffering, so many people suffering right now there's so many people really lost and being afraid and anxious. The new arrivals (recently moved on to the other side) want to know what's going on. 

And they're saying, you know what, this is something that humanity can, humanity can handle this, they will have to deal with it, they have to go through it because it's the next step.

These changes have always happened on this plane ( the other side ). But what's happening, the vibrations are increasing, getting higher and higher. And now, these bigger changes are happening on the human level.

Humanity Expands by Facing the Painful Truths It Once Avoided 

So humanity is expanding it but as it expands, it has to deal with things that before you couldn't handle, …  it's giving the example… some of the things that we're learning about now, human trafficking, so forth, they have happened for centuries, but we don't want to talk about it.

There's a room to talk about it and now we're seeing it. It took us many thousands of years to understand how much humanity harmed itself and other humans and how we have created suffering. 

We're all in it together and we will need to come together and find solution … we will … but there will be a shake up the shake of all the things. Similar to spring cleaning. Values will be shaken up.

How the Dark Forces have brought us to this chaos

These very dark people are doing these things because they're they want hold on to the past… with Obama they knew that there was a change Obama represents a change even if it his own government was not super radical

Obama he's an African American man he's the president but it was the beginning of real change so they got so scared, so scared that they rushed to shut the doors to progress, light and development.

That is why they are acting in a desperate manner. Because they don't want change, but change is inevitable. Nobody, no one person no one can stop change. Even when men think they are Gods because of their money. 

The “Light People” give a lecture and make reference to Revelations 3:2

The next image reminds me of is of a lecture hall, except that it's outdoors and the Light People are speaking from the top of a mountain and they are are large as the mountains themselves.

They are represented as much bigger than the other people, as floating over the mountains over there. They are explaining to the newer spirits that may have just arrived in the last 20 years…they're saying this is the moment of humanity repenting and coming to terms with what happened. So, so this is it a pain, this has to happen in order for them to be developed. Then the light people said:

They can handle it. Because they have to understand that we hold humanity to higher standards than humanity holds for itself.

At this point, after the image of the light people in the mountains one of the light people pointed to a book as if to say this was written in humanity's destiny. I assumed this had to do with the same book that i had seen before, which tells of humanity's future, past and what is written in stone, so to speak (some refer to this as the "Akashic Records". This time, I was wrong. As soon as I made the association to the Akashic Records, I heard the words. "Revelations" and the numbers "32". Which I immediately understood to be a reference to the Book of Revelation.

Which I am not super familiar with. So while I was doing this reading, I went on the browser and searched "Book of Revelations 32" and this is what I got:

Revelation 3_2 Wake up, and strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have not found your works complete in the sight of my God. (4).png

Rosie PI