Rosie Psychic Investigator

Hi, I’m Rosie. I help people going through change and uncertainty, see the "big picture" story of their lives.

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On my public videos, I use intuitive storytelling to understand the full narrative behind the news story.

In private readings, I help you see the big-picture story of your life: where you are today, where you are headed next, and the actionable steps to get there.

In the process of doing this work, I have learned a lot, and I have come across many valuable and moving insights.

I want to share these stories, and give you actionable tools to help you process the complexity of life in 2019 and beyond.



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I have many psychic readings in my life, but yours was by far the clearest and a proper spiritual guidance session. Whilst it was a psychic reading, I felt it was also a Career and Life couching session. Rather than just telling me how things would work out, you provided me with strategies to motivate me to follow my path. .”

— Moira S.

Thank you for the video, and thank you for my reading.  It was seamlessly well-organized, extraordinarily intelligent, relevant, professional, friendly, thoughtful, and powerful.  Flawless.  Thank you for clarity and the invaluable tips you gave me to help me navigate my trajectory; Now I feel more sure-footed on my path.  .”

— Angela W.

Thank You so much Rosie!  I already feel like I have a renewed purpose in life now and that I can move forward and do what I need to do for the positive change that is way over due. .”

— Jodie B.